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Project: K6 STEM Curriculum

As Director of Instructional Technology at the Boston Renaissance Charter Public School, I led a team of Instructional Technology and Library Media Specialists in a successful school-wide initiative to integrate the Massachusetts Technology Literacy standards into the core curriculum. We built a K-6 Technology Scope and Sequence that mapped the standards to each grade level and core subject area. We then recruited TLTs, Technology Lead Teachers, at each grade level and for each subject area to attend our instructional technology trainings. I designed and delivered professional development modules that supported teachers in the understanding of the technology standards and scope and sequence, how to document them in their lesson plans, and shared examples of the projects and technologies available to them. The TLTs led their grade levels in the selection and design of their STEM projects for the end of year showcase, “STEM Fair,” and we provided instructional technology support throughout the year including lead teaching, co-teaching, and modeling lessons with technology.


The STEM Fair was a great success as a school-wide celebration and sharing of the students and teachers proficiencies in the Technology and Core Curriculum. We had Kinder kids learning their numbers by programming robots, 3rd graders explaining the solar system in stop-motion animation, and 5th graders demonstrating ELA themes in Scratch. Families, community partners, and key business partners, attended the single day event which culminated in the 6th Grade ePortfolio Showcase, designed to be the “Academy Awards” of digital storytelling.

View scenes from the K6 STEM Fair:
An example of a classroom project, “Game Design in Grade 5 ELA“:
The 6th Grade ePortfolio Showcase:
View all of the scenes and STEM projects here: https://vimeo.com/brcps