My name is Lisa Kate Radden, and I am the author of this web site and founder of LKR Design, a digital learning design and consulting business.


I design web experiences that help people learn – about you, your business, your curriculum, or your cause.


I work with schools and businesses to provide instructional technology training, planning and support.


I provide consulting services to schools and companies in the design of edtech products and programs.

What clients and colleagues say


Ann Koufman-Frederick, Ph.D.

Chief Academic Officer, LearnLaunch Institute

"[Lisa] is bright and passionate about educational technology and media production. She is a talented teacher of both students and teachers. Her creativity in web design and media is extraordinary."

Diane Tabor, Ph.D., and Betsy Grady Ph.D.

Diane Tabor, Ph.D., and Betsy Grady Ph.D.

Lecturers in Psychology, MLA Research Advisors, Harvard University

"Lisa wrote about an educational technology curriculum project on media making that she herself designed and taught to students. It provided an example of the kind of teaching and learning that helps students see the power of technology for positive purposes, and their own power to make a positive difference."

Dominic Slowey

Dominic Slowey

Owner, Slowey/McManus Communications

"Lisa Kate is great to work with. She is extremely talented, and worked with us closely from start to finish to transform our web site and update our social media capabilities."

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