My name is Lisa Radden and I am the author of this web site and owner and founder of LKR Learning Design, LLC. I am an experienced K-12 education technology school district leader, classroom teacher and curriculum and professional learning designer with advanced web UX/UI research, design and product management skills from my work in the e-learning and IT industries. 

I offer education technology professional development, curriculum design and strategic planning to K-12 school districts (U.S. and International). I provide Edtech companies with UX/UI research, project management and design services to help them create products and services that impact real classroom experiences and achieve student outcomes.

My mission is to be the strategic partner who helps school districts and Edtech companies work together to co-design innovative and impactful, research-informed learning experiences.

“Learning is at the heart of every LKR Design”

Skills and Services

For School Districts

I help K-12 school district leaders plan and implement their vision for technology, including technology training, pilot and project management, and curriculum development.
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For Edtech Companies

I collaborate with product design teams to test their solutions in the classroom by conducting UX research and translating teacher feedback into impactful product improvements.
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What clients and colleagues say


Ann Koufman-Frederick, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Faculty, MasterClassforSupers.com, LLC

"Learning Designer extraordinaire, Lisa Kate Radden is wonderfully creative and always clearly communicates complex ideas both visually and with explanation. She is astute about designing for both detail and inspiration, and she resolves design challenges quickly and thoroughly. I've worked with Lisa for over 20 years on a variety of innovative teaching and learning projects in k-12 classrooms, professional development, and graduate education courses, including technology curriculum development and teaching, online course design and web development."


Louisa Rosenheck

Director of Learning Design, Kahoot! & Instructor, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Lisa taught with me at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, bringing her rich knowledge of ed tech design and implementation in schools. She is a wonderful collaborator and thought partner in terms of the instructional design aspects and running the logistics of the course. More importantly, she skillfully supported students and pushed their thinking on what good education technology can accomplish, and all the considerations that schools must take into account. She has a deep understanding of the K12 ed tech ecosystem that added so much value to the course!

Harvard University ALM ET June 2009 Graduation Day

Diane Tabor, Ph.D., and Betsy Grady Ph.D.

Lecturers in Psychology, MLA Research Advisors, Harvard University

"Lisa wrote about an educational technology curriculum project on media making that she herself designed and taught to students. It provided an example of the kind of teaching and learning that helps students see the power of technology for positive purposes, and their own power to make a positive difference."


Leo Brehm

Senior Vice President Learning Strategy, XR Terra, Inc

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Lisa for many years and can attest to her exceptional dedication and skill set. As a veteran in the field of education for over twenty-two years, I have found Lisa to be one of the most adept professionals I have had the privilege of collaborating with.

We were fortunate to have her experience and expertise in Newton, and her contribution to our district's digital learning initiative was pivotal. Lisa played a key role in ensuring that the district's aggressive digital learning initiative, including the shift of our curricular culture online, was successful. Lisa's commitment to teaching and learning and her dedication to innovation in our work have been a model for everyone on our team.


Mahmoud Dahy

Senior Director of Product Development, 7Mindsets.com

Lisa's visual design expertise brings complex concepts to life, creating engaging and easy-to-understand learning materials. She is well versed in multiple tools such as Miro boards, Asana, Google Suite and more. She is also an excellent project manager who consistently keeps the team on track and ensures deadlines are met without compromising quality. She is well known for coffee time with her team too where she shares her culture and personal life with team members from different cultures and timezones.

What sets Lisa apart is her genuine kindness and ability to work well with others. She fosters a positive working environment that encourages collaboration and innovation. Her empathetic nature and concern for her teammates' well-being make her a cherished colleague.


Hemmat Omar

Instructional Designer, 7Mindsets.com

I had the pleasure of working alongside Lisa for 6 months on a project at 7 Mindsets, and I can confidently say that her enthusiasm and positive attitude were infectious. Lisa has an incredible ability to motivate and inspire team members. Lisa has great organizational skills, and I have been consistently impressed with their ability to maintain a high level of organization.

Lisa has consistently demonstrated an ability to prioritize tasks effectively, which has resulted in a significant increase in productivity for our team. She has an exceptional ability to manage complex projects and to keep all stakeholders informed and on track. With her strong organizational skills, Lisa has been able to ensure that all projects are completed on time, and to the highest standards of quality.

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