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Skills and Services


For K-12 School Districts

  • Strategic Planning: Help your district’s LeadershIp Team set a vision and create a roadmap for the innovative and impactful use of technology in teaching and learning.
  • Program Development: Develop and/or teach the Digital Literacies and Computer Science (DLCS)/ICT curriculum in your school, grades K-12, with a special focus on coding for girls, digital citizenship, and digital portfolio production.
  • Professional Learning: Provide professional development in technology tools, strategies, and policies, including emerging topics such as the use of AI, AR/VR, and digital wellbeing and safety for parents, teachers and students.
  • Coaching: Coach and co-teach with your Technology Integration Specialists to help strengthen your technology integration practices
  • Project Management: Manage your technology evaluations and lead pilots to measure impact and inform purchasing decisions. Lisa can also lead the roll-out of new technologies in your district.

For Edtech Companies

  • UX Research & Needs Analysis: Using the appropriate data collection methods, LKR Design helps your team gain a shared understanding of the problem and insights into user needs and behaviors that will inform your product roadmap.
  • Product Design Partnership: Bring a seasoned K-12 teacher and school technology leader’s perspective into product design planning and development. With Lisa’s experience in web development and product management from her work in the IT and e-learning industries, Lisa can also manage agile teams from discovery to launch.
  • Design for Validity: We deliver write-ups on RFP foundation papers describing how your product is research-informed design, so that you can later meet ESSA and Digital Promise requirements for heightened credibility with schools and validity in the market.
  • Professional Learning for Fidelity: Get a custom training program and instructional materials designed for your product to ensure ease of adoption by educators and positive learning outcomes for students. Lisa is also available to host webinars and in person workshops to support your product’s adoption in schools.
  • School implementation planning and support: With the experience of a former school technology director on your team, Lisa can lead the planning and implementation of your product’s adoption or pilot testing in a real K-12 classroom

Areas of Expertise and Certifications

  • UX Research
  • Web UX/UI Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Validation
  • KPI performance
  • Professional Development
  • Pilot and Project Management
  • Curriculum Design

I am a Common Sense Educator

See my portfolio for examples of my work. Contact me for more information.