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Project: Community Migration, Strategy & UX


LogMeIn and GetGo (Citrix) were merging businesses and each of their respective online customer communities differed by platform, brand, and strategy that negatively impacted the user experience and created costly redundancies for the business.

My Role

I managed a cross-functional team of UX researchers and designers, web developers, external partners and internal stakeholders, to merge and migrate the content and user data of these disparate online communities to a new platform and a unified user experience.

Platform Evaluation & Selection

I managed an extensive platform evaluation process of our current and existing market leading community platforms, and as a team, we selected the Lithium/Khoros Communities platform. The gamification features of the platform such as leaderboards and badges, supported our newly formed peer-to-peer self-help support strategy. Helpful content could be promoted to users in search of answers and the most knowledgeable and loyal customers in the LogMeIn community could be identified, rewarded, and nurtured to become community moderators and contributors that would offset support costs.

Project Management

In close partnership with Khoros’ external team and with an internal team of UX designers, community managers, and developers, I managed the project and all communications internally from data preparation to launch.

After launch, our community management and social media support team was able to gain insights into user behavior and content, track progress on KPIs, and effectively manage all 13+ product communities from one social media management platform.


The new online community and self-help strategy saved the business over $1,000,000 in support costs annually. Users were able to find the answers to their questions from peers and experts in the community instead of reaching out to the Customer Support team by phone or email.

This page was last modified: February 17, 2024