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I established LKR design as a freelance business in 2000 at the beginning of my career in web programming at an e-learning startup. I began working as a consultant in educational technology in 2002 for a non-profit before transitioning into the classroom full-time teaching web design, media literacy, programming, and digital portfolio design. I taught technology and 21st century workforce skills and standards to K12 students and implemented strategic technology integration initiatives as the Director of Instructional Technology at an elementary school in the Boston Public Schools.

Today, I design online support experiences for one of the world’s top 10 public SaaS companies, helping consumers learn how to use their products and services through digital self-service. I also offer web site design and consulting services in K12 educational technology through my freelance business, LKR Design.


Highlights from my career to date include:

in web design and digital customer service
  • Managing the merge of online support strategies and solutions as a member of the Customer Care Leadership Team
  • Developing KPIs to measure and continuously improve the health of the digital customer journey
  • Managing the customer support online community
  • Designing the customer experience (CX) for product knowledge bases
in educational technology
  • Writing and teaching high school web development, media literacy, cyber citizenship, and digital portfolio curriculum learn more >>
  • Integrating game design into elementary school core curriculum in partnership with the EDC’s Center for Children and Technology and MIT Media Lab learn more >>
  • Expanding STEM education into K-6 classrooms through the development of a Technology Lead Teacher Academy learn more >>
  • Designing and implementing a 6th grade digital storytelling curriculum in partnership with Apple Education learn more >>
  • Creating augmented reality on mobile phones to teach civic engagement and science to 5th graders in partnership with the MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program and Education Arcade learn more >>

For more information please view my LinkedIn profile or contact me.