I established LKR design as a freelance web design business in 2000 at the beginning of my career at an e-learning startup. I began working as a consultant in educational technology in 2002 for a non-profit before transitioning into the classroom full-time. I taught technology skills and standards to K-12 students and lead various technology integration initiatives as the Director of Instructional Technology at an elementary school.

Today, I design online support experiences for one of the world’s top 10 public SaaS companies, helping consumers learn how to use their products and services through self-help and social channels. I combine my academic background in computer science and educational technology, with 15+ years experience in web design and K-12 edtech teaching and leadership, to offer a wide range of consulting services here at LKR design.


Highlights from my career to date include:

in web design…
  • Conducting comprehensive user experience research to inform and guide site designs
  • Creating wire frames and mocking up flows that meet user requirements and resolve user experience issues
  • Managing a cross-functional & agile team of web developers, web analysts, and systems engineers to develop and deploy site changes
  • Configuring and analyzing Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools to monitor and improve site usage and search engine optimization
in education…
  • Designing high school web development, media literacy, and digital portfolio curriculum
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  • Integrating game design into elementary school core curriculum in partnership with the EDC’s Center for Children and Technology and MIT Media Lab
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  • Expanding STEM education into K-6 classrooms through the development of a Technology Lead Teacher Academy
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  • Designing and implementing a 6th grade digital storytelling curriculum in partnership with Apple Education
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  • Creating augmented reality on mobile phones to teach civic engagement and science to 5th graders in partnership with the MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program and Education Arcade
in online support…
  • Implementing the strategic use of chat to shift call center volume and improve customer satisfaction
  • Developing operational dashboards and crowdsourcing processes to improve customer-facing knowledge
  • Strategic planning and management of online communities to leverage peer-to-peer support and deflect call center volume

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